LOVE LETTER: Being on the Road with You

One of the things of this world I love the most is being on the road, it’s only ever been the peace, the calm, and the continual motion that just brings me to feeling carefree and full of glee.

“Be still, and know that I am [the King of your heart]” – Psalm 46:10 has been resonating in my heart for a season now and I’ve learned several perspectives of stillness defined by different experiences.

Stillness in the ripple of the water…

I always enjoy looking at the water and how the ripple resembles an angel’s footsteps, reminding of your presence. I can’t help but wish, every time I picture you walking on water, I would know the stillness you had commanding the wind and the sea to be still.

Stillness in the eye of a storm…

I could be in the middle of the craziest hurricane, fierce winds blowing me from one side to another or like a fever boiling up to overwhelm me but I’m reminded of the stillness in the core of me. No matter what sort of chaos is trying to destroy me, the pillar of faith I have in knowing the King of my heart continually teaches me that there is an eye in the middle of the storm, an area of the hurricane’s lowest pressure, calm weather. The eye is formed from built up air pressure that counteracts the strength in the centre of the storm. This pressure that I feel is building me up to create this calm centre, without it the centre could be less defined. They say that diamonds are formed under pressure, gold under extreme fire, my faith has been formed through tough winds and the most violent hurricanes only to create this indestructible core.

Stillness in being on the journey…

Sustainability, continual motion, perseverance. I only need to continue the journey, sometimes with baby steps, sometimes strolling, sometimes running, sometimes with leaps of faith but when trouble comes I just need to stand firm and see the deliverance from Him. Exodus 14:13-14, The Lord will fight for you; you need only be still. Keep on keeping on Sarah, keep staying the path Sarah, keep looking forward Sarah. Let the road bring you joy, peace, glee, freedom. #SoarBabySoar


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