❤ I see a heart so strong and so tough. It has a healthy invisible shield around it so that even when obstacles as big as asteroids hit it they would only burn away. 

The source of this heart and the beating of it resounds so deeply it vibrates and ripples throughout because it beats for Christ. 

Each beating of her heart is powered by the love and grace of Christ and it is beating because of every drop of blood Christ bled for her. 

Her heart contracts as a muscle that’s been trained to be fit, to be firm and to be exercised daily. 

This heart of hers is vibrant, it’s genuine, it’s authentic and it’s kind. 

This heart is open to everyone she encounters and any situation she faces because it’s expectant to serve others. 

This heart does not sleep, it doesn’t stop beating for its calling and that calling is to bring glory to its master, its lord, its king of the most high. 

This heart never stops reciting the promises of God and the word of God which is for her. 

This heart burns passionately of all that God has for her. 

This heart is ON FIRE for Him. This heart beats steadily and confidently Every. Single. Second. Because this heart serves a Purpose: To love people, to love God and to love herself. 

This heart is my heart.

#passion #strongheart #purpose #heartbeat 


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